Gate Phone Number Changes


The gate system has changed from a rotary system to a cellular system, therefore both phone lines numbers have changed.

850.460.0975 and 850.352.1038

Your guest will still dial your three digit code and one of the numbers above will show on your phone and you press 9 for entry.

If you have the numbers programed in your phone, please be sure to change them to the numbers above.

Updates and More Updates!

Hi Neighbors,

2022 is off to a roaring start and many thanks to Alan Carr, the landscape around Hole 1 hasn’t looked this good in years! Hat’s off to his tireless and selfless work!

If you have a moment, there are several new documents updated on the website including 2021 financials, the 2022 budget, new committees, and legacy documents regarding general POA policies and fines. Additionally, there is a page for the 2022 Board Meeting Schedule.

As a reminder, parts of the website are password protected. If you need the password, please reach out to the manager.

A couple of other notes to pass on from the Board Meeting on Thursday 20 January:

–Please be careful at night. Many of our streets can get dark. We’ve had some close call with folks on poorly-lit/not-very-reflective wheeled things as well as pedestrians. There’s no hurry that’s worth a neighbor’s safety.

–A family has offered and been approved to build a “neighborhood library” box near the Gazebo, so that new amenity should be showing up soon. If you have books you’d like to share, this is a great community feature.

–Bluewater Association Management is normally staffed during their published hours, but if you intend to visit the office–it’s always good to call ahead. They serve many neighborhoods and may need to deconflict visit times to serve all clients.

New POA Board Members

Thank you to all who participated in our Board Member elections this year. Turnout for both candidates and votes was great. Additionally, thanks to Fred Clark and Bill Daily for their years of service.

Below is a listing of the new Board Members. Their contact information will be update on the website shortly.

Jack Knight (President)

Bob Shields (Vice President)

Steve Pearce (Treasurer)

Brian O’Neill

Susan Coup (New)

Linda Devore (New)

Brian Botts (New)

Minutes for the annual meeting will be posted as soon as practicable. If you have questions or concerns about what actually was discussed or transpired, please feel free to reach out to the Property Manager or a Board Member.

Website Updates & Upcoming Elections

Hi Neighbors,

If you find dated information on the website, please let us know at

Finally, remember that you can sign up to receive updates as they’re posted to this site at the following link:

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Look for the “Follow” pop up at the bottom right of your screen.

Happy Spring!

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