Back Gate Entry-Side Damage

Hi Neighbors,
Yesterday, a driver hit the entry-side back gate and caused some significant damage. Kudos to Bob Shields and Alan Carr for some temporary surgery to get it back functioning, but it’s likely that significant repair will be required.
Until the ultimate repairs are made, please be aware that the gate is limping and be prepared to report any outages.

Meeting Minutes Posted

Hi Neighbors,

The official meeting minutes from the 19 May 2022 meeting are now posted. Please note that minutes are posted after they are approved, which is at the subsequent meeting. I.e., usually a couple of months after the meeting occurs.

Gate Phone Number Changes


The gate system has changed from a rotary system to a cellular system, therefore both phone lines numbers have changed.

850.460.0975 and 850.352.1038

Your guest will still dial your three digit code and one of the numbers above will show on your phone and you press 9 for entry.

If you have the numbers programed in your phone, please be sure to change them to the numbers above.

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