Please Take Notice that the Board of Directors for Magnolia Plantation

Property Owners Association, Inc. will hold a Meeting on

Thursday August 19, 2021 at 6 pm

North Bay Fire District Station 8

1024 White Point Rd, Niceville, FL 32578

and via Zoom

Join from the meeting link

Meeting ID: 626 285 2257

Meeting password: 2021

Join by phone


Meeting ID: 626 285 2257

Meeting password: 2021


1. Call Meeting to Order & Establishment of Quorum;

2. Proof of Notice

3. Approve Prior Meeting Minutes;

4. Manager’s Report:

5. Officer Reports:

a. President

b. Treasurer-Review July 2021 Financials

6. Unfinished Business:

7. New Business:

a. Review 2022 Budget

8. Owner Comments

9. Adjournment

Gators and Grass!

Hi Neighbors,

Apologies as this update is a bit overdue.

Gators… Laura has the Gator Hotline engaged and the Gator(s) over 4 feet should be removed within 45 days. Please keep safety in mind first if you happen to catch a glimpse of our temporary resident(s)!

Grass… The lapse in mowing should be remedied starting Monday. Thank you to everyone for flagging this issue!

Randy Wise Homes Presentation

Thanks again to all who attended in person and virtually tonight. Extra thanks to the board members, current and former, who’ve worked hard to put this agreement together.

PLEASE vote-preferably for the agreement, but please vote. We need over half the owners to vote for the agreement, or RWH can essentially take action on Holes 6, 7, and 9 with no benefits to our ownership.

Please also talk to your neighbors to make sure they’re aware and planning to vote as well!

Homeowner Meeting Package!

Hi Neighbors,

In the mail you’ll be receiving a paper copy of the file below. It has what you need to know about the special meeting next Thursday, 10 June 2021. Please review and come prepared with questions. Even more importantly, please talk this up with your neighbors.

If we don’t get enough votes (over half of the owners) for the proposal, the most likely outcome is that RWH can and will move forward on Holes 6, 7, and 9 with our neighborhood getting zero benefit. This is likely our best and last bite at the apple to turn the golf courses into a win for our community.

Special Meeting – 10 June!

The Board of Directors and Randy Wise Homes will give a presentation to Magnolia Plantation owners on the recent agreement for the expansion of our community on the evening of June 10th.  The event will be held at Crosspoint, Bluewater Bay Campus at 6:00pm.  There will also be a Zoom web-link available for the meeting.  Mail outs will go to all residents starting next week, and will include a copy of the agreement as well as a proxy form for your vote.  Please familiarize yourself with the agreement ahead of time so that the meeting can be as productive as possible. We look forward to seeing you there! A digital copy of the agreement is posted here:

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